I appreciate and feel confident that this is the perfect first aid for my nose piercing. It's easy to apply, no after effects, no messy clean-up. I can use this product as much as I want. The healing time will probably be cut in half.
Annie Martin
The spray is easy to use and doesn't sting like many saline sprays seem to do. It actually feels rather pleasant! Since I started using the nasal spray I haven't had to take as much allergy medicine as I usually do. Thanks for making a great product!
Stacy Harvey
This spray helped my 4 year old instantly... I took it with me to the doctor's office to make sure it would be good for his age group and he was surprised to know that there was a product that worked better than simply saline.... Thank You!!!
Jessica Maccaron
I just use the first one. I feel it is a good product. I do not use any other nasal sray or antihistamine, antibiotics. I only use it as i needed and it relieves my chronic problems.
Excellent product !!! Fast shipping !!!
Gerry Jensen
Cleared up my sinuses and nose in a matter of a few hours.
Nathan Green